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Used cars account for 4/5th of all cars sold in the US.

Majority of the used cars are sold at dealers. While dealers do well with cars that quickly sell, but the cars that sit on the dealer lot loose them an averge of 20-30% of the value of the car if not sold in under 90 days.

For Lenders and Financiers understanding the true value of the collateral is essential before originating a loan – to Consumers – Individual car buyers or Car Dealers.

CarFin focusses on AI backed solutions fo Vehicle Financing 

In our search for the best understanding of the Car Condition – lead us to What impresses us the most was – The Science of Car Inspection by

Understand the Collateral

Understanding the value of the collateral - needs a comprehensive vehicle inspection
Car Sales - Used Cars Vs New Cars
Car Sales

Car Sales trends - Used Cars & New Cars

Car Value
Car Value

Best Value Toyota Camry Hybrid Honda Accord (4-cyl) Toyota Camry (4-cyl.) Subaru Legacy 2.5i Subaru Forester 2.5

Used Car Inspection Report
Used Car Inspection

Determine the appropriate car condition

On Board Diagnostics

OBD - Car computers, also known as OBD units, provide key information about your vehicle’s well-being, operational efficiency, and safety with, commonly reviewed types of information that mechanics search for in a vehicle’s OBD data:

Cost of Car Ownership

To understand what the future holds for ownership cost of a vehicle – it helps to look back the cost of automobile ownership over the years. If we look at prior recessions periods we see a 5% drop in Annual “Total Cost of ownership of a vehicle”.  Read More

To Understand the Utility of Vehicle Inspection to understand the cost of car ownership pls visit and read more about the Science of Car Inspection

To check Vehicle Inspection Coverage by City, Zip, State pls visit 

List of Cities by state – APP & OBD backed vehicle inspection services are available in:

California Florida Texas New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Illinois Ohio Michigan Georgia Virginia   Virginia  North Carolina Massachusetts  Indiana Tennessee Washington Maryland Missouri Wisconsin Minnesota Puerto Rico

States: Where Used Car Inspection Services by Patent Pending, OBD & AI backed – Inspector APP inspections are available in:


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Whar is a Car Worth

A car is worth what the market will pay for it, in simple terms, but the market is willing to pay more for things if they can fully understand them. Inspections should include factors such as engine well-being, check engine code history, and even ride smoothness, as compared to other, similar rides. If the [engine runs rough (Link to Sputtering Engine)], knock a few hundred or a few thousand dollars off of your asking price. The same is true for [rough-riding suspension (Link to 3 enemies of a smooth ride)] Perhaps the most critical factor in price to remember: everything is a negotiation. If an offer is less than you are comfortable with taking, you can always say “No.” Learn More at