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Pre-purchase Used Car Inspections are an emerging trend in the used car industry that promise a higher quality buying experience for used car buyers

The reality is that many car inspection services providers don’t have a comprehensive process, and the inspections are ad-hoc. This leads to gaps in consistency between reports – leading to missing important information, and a longer overall process. Competing inspection companies typically provide the report 2-5 business days after the order is placed, giving time for another party to buy the car. Here at, we take pride in our inspection process to ensure our reports are consistent and comprehensive.

  • Our Inspector App, driven by our comprehensive checklist, ensures every possible part of the vehicle gets inspected in an organized, efficient matter. All of our inspectors have an OBD Adapter to detect any DTC Error Codes, and collect OBD data for analytics.
  • Our inspection process allows for much faster report writing, approval, and delivery. All of our inspections are done in real-time with our servers. Once the inspector submits the inspection, our AI runs all of its analytics within seconds, and then the approval process can immediately begin. After approval, the report is delivered to the customer.

At CarDr, we believe using poor inspection service is akin to going to doctor that doesn’t examine your vitals! Used Car Inspection Steps

At our goal is to provide the true, current condition of the vehicle. We use a Comprehensive 4 Step Inspection Process and examine the pulse of the car by connecting to the OBD. – Car Inspection, with Doctor like precision

Breath of Fresh Air in the Used Car Industry:

AI Overseen + Comprehensive Process  + APP based Inspection + Recorded Test Drive + OBD Analytics + Robust Peer Comparison

Every Used Vehicle Inspection includes

  1. Vehicle History: We run a CarFax damage report at the beginning of all inspections to identify past problems. We take pride in our real-time data integration with CarFax to obtain damage history for every vehicle inspected.
  2. Standardized Inspection Process: 500+ touch point inspection performed by a qualified inspector using the patent pending Inspector App
  3. On Board Diagnostic Analysis (OBD): DTC/ML Error Codes + OBD data capture, during an idle or a driving test.
  4. Comparison to Peers: AI-based vehicle comparison to similar vehicles.

We designed an “Uber type” real-time inspector assignment and Inspection App that offers the most transparency to used car buyers. Join our journey of this disruptive change, so you can know for certain that you are getting the most bang for your buck.    

A smart patient wouldn’t go to doctor who didn’t listen to the patients vitals. So why take a car to an vehicle inspector who doesn’t look at the vehicle’s Vitals? Choose now!

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