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VIN Switch Scam detection – when purchasing a used vehicle

VIN switching is used by thieves to disguise the identity of a stolen vehicle by replacing the VIN number. Even dealers are fooled. Perform a Used Car Inspection that uses and OBD scanning tool to detect OBD VIN to avoid the fraud.READ MORE

6.8% Decline in Annual Automobile Ownership Cost foreseen in 2020

6.8% Decline in Annual Automobile Ownership  Cost foreseen in 2020To understand what the future holds for ownership cost of a vehicle – it helps to look back the cost of automobile ownership over the years. If we look at prior recessions periods we see a 5% drop in Annual “Total Cost of ownership of a […]READ MORE

Used Car Buying Tips

Used Car Buying TipsDo you enjoy what it feels like to drive a new-to-you car? Picture this, you are behind the wheel of a different car for the first time in years. You are enjoying a newer model with modern features without paying the ridiculous “new car” price tag. The car is newer than your current […]READ MORE

Common Squeals And What Your Car Is Telling You

Is your car screeching or crying for help when you drive it? If your car is squeals or making a squeaky sound, there are several potential causes to investigate. The most common car squeal culprits are usually pretty easy to hear but sometimes challenging to diagnose. One factor that may help is paying attention to when […]READ MORE

Simple Automotive Overheating Fixes

Is your car, truck, or SUV overheating? If you are unsure, but you think there may be something wrong with your car, take a few moments to read more about common overheating issues in cars. A good place to start is understanding what causes a car to overheat.  Gasoline and diesel engines create energy through […]READ MORE

Enemies Of A Smooth Ride

Is there anything more comfortable than a smooth riding experience in your car? If you are like most people, you want every journey to feel like it did when you first drove your car. It is important to pay attention to what your car is trying to tell you if the riding experience is not […]READ MORE

Common Bumpy Car Vibration Issues

Does your car feel bumpy, wobbly, or unstable while driving? Many possible issues can cause excessive vibration when traveling at speeds above 50 miles per hour. If your car feels shaky or rough when accelerating onto the interstate, you may want to check these common issues to diagnose the problem.  Tires Are The First Place To […]READ MORE

Top 7 Ways To Win By Purchasing A Used Car

Are you in the market for a different car? The market offers consumers the choice between new or used cars, but which one offers more value? If you take some time to read and learn about the differences, you will discover how much value the used car market has to offer.  Shopping for a new-to-you used […]READ MORE

Top 5 Common Used Car Catastrophes

When you buy a used car, wouldn’t it be nice to know the true condition it is in? Purchasing a used car can offer buyers a lot of value by saving money, but sometimes you hear horror stories about lemons. Take a moment to read about some of the most common used car catastrophes and […]READ MORE

What Should You Expect From a Inspection Report?

Car Inspection, Doctor like precisionAt our goal is to provide the True Facts of the Vehicle. Our automobile Inspection is done in 4 Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Steps  First, Used car Inspection’s start with Car History – to see if the car’s been in any prior issues or accidents etc. The AI then assigns the order to the […]READ MORE

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