Used Car Inspection in Miami

Used vehicle inspection is available in Miami from

There Florida Vehicle inspectors perform a comprehensive car or truck inspection using a standardized Inspection Process which is supervised by AI end to end.

The Vehicle Inspection process starts with it’s history – so that the inspector and AI is aware of prior issues of the car.

The inspection itself is performed using an Inspector APP – which is comprehensive and is monitored from picture taking to the test drive.

During the inspection the AI records the inspector’s feedback and the vehicle’s OBD data. The OBD data is collected real time from the vehicle’s OBD port.

The AI compares the vehicle to peers using the Vehicle Inspection Data and produces a report.

Please keep in mind the entire process is closely supervised by the AI.

The rating and score makes it easy to understand the inspection report – to allows you to make an informed decision on the potential purchase and/or optimal negotiation leverage.

Inspection APP

Our Vehicle Inspection Service to others:
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Car Inspection, Surgical precision​ ​

There vehicle inspectors will get to most places in Florida and perform a comprehensive inspection from end to end.

Each inspection uses our comprehensive Inspector App based Inspection process.

The inspection starting with the automobile’s history, using a trained inspector, comprehensive inspection process, an active driving test that records car’s OBD data – ensures that what we get you an Inspection Report that covers every significant detail of the vehicle. So you can make an informed decision and use it for optimal negotiation leverage with the seller.

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