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Used Vehicle Inspections are performed nationwide using a rigorous Vehicle Inspection Process – starting with CarFax history of a car to determine damage history, a comprehensive 120 point inspection, an exhaustive On Board Diagnostics test to determine current / unattended check engine error codes and other OBD indicated potential faults. The Used Car Inspection Report by CarDr gives you the satisfaction of knowing the True Health of the Vehicle, to help you make the right decision on the purchase of your used / new vehicle –  at the right price.

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Used Vehicle Inspection, Doctor Like Precision Inc provides a state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supervised Used Vehicle Inspection – performed Nationwide. These Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections of Used Cars are overseen by’s AI and performed by trained auto inspectors – who use our Inspector App, ensuring a rigorous inspection.

During the Inspection the AI connects to the On Board Diagnostics (OBD) of the vehicle using our Inspector App and an Diagnostic Port Adapter. The AI reads every parameter from the car, from engine RPM to coolant temperature. The AI then presents you with Vehicle Inspection Report – based off the 4 steps below. 

The Inspection Process
There is a 4-step car inspection process:
1) Determine Car History: We run a CarFax damage report at the beginning of all inspections to identify past problems. We take pride in our real-time data integration with CarFax to obtain damage history for every vehicle inspected.
2) Perform Physical Inspection: 500+ touch point inspection performed by a qualified inspector using the patent pending Inspector App
3) Read OBD Data: DTC/ML Error Codes + OBD data capture, during an idle or a driving test.
4) Peer Comparison: AI-based vehicle comparison to similar vehicles.

Steps to get a Vehicle Inspection Report once you place an Order:

Steps to to get to a Vehicle Inspection Report Once you place an Order

Vehicle Inspection Report typically within 8 business hours.

States where vehicle inspection is available:

List of Cities by state where car inspection is available:

California Florida Texas New York New Jersey  Pennsylvania  Illinois  Ohio  Michigan  Massachusetts  Georgia Virginia  North Carolina  Indiana  Tennessee  Washington  Maryland  Missouri  Wisconsin  Minnesota  Puerto Rico 

List of Cities Nationwide – where car inspection service is available:

Nationwide Nationwide 2 Nationwide 3 Nationwide 4 Nationwide 5 Nationwide 6 Nationwide 7 Nationwide 8 Nationwide 9 Nationwide 10 Nationwide 11 Nationwide 12

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